Bishop John Zawo's Visit

Shortly, our time with Bishop John will be drawing to a close. After the 10:00 AM service this Sunday, we will gather to sign a new covenant with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the Ezo Diocese. In addition to praying for Bishop John and the people of the Ezo Diocese, this covenant also commits St. Francis to work with the Ezo Diocese to 1) carry out God's will, 2 to reconcile differences between ourselves, the Ezo Diocese, and the people of the Districts covered by the Diocese, 3) to educate the people of the Ezo Diocese, 4) to assist in improving the health of the people of the Ezo Diocese, and 5) to work to assist in helping the people of the Ezo Diocese lift themselves out of poverty.

On their part, the people of the Ezo Diocese will pray for St. Francis and its clergy, and they will pray for our faithfulness in carrying out this Covenant.

In order to show our commitment to these promises we will be sending the Bishop home with symbols of our community, including artwork from the Creche School, copies of the covenant, and pictures from his visit. Then some of the hard work will really begin, and that work is to figure out how to effect change in an area that has been in conflict for so much of the past fifty years. That will mean ongoing work to send financial aid, to send representatives of our community to be present with them, and to advocate with agencies, both private and governmental, to have a care for Ezo, Bishop John, and for the brothers and sisters in Christ of the Bishop and ourselves.

More will be communicated as plans are formed and your participation is needed.

Be here Sunday to worship and celebrate with Bishop John and in the name of Christ.

Then, on Monday morning, March 19, we will put Bishop John on his Arab Emirates flight to Kampala so that he may return home in time for Holy Week, and a reunion with those whom he loves. Remember to keep him in your prayers for safe travel, renewed strength, and joyous reunions.

Godspeed, Bishop John!

To learn more about the covenant between Ezo and St. Francis, see our Outreach South Sudan page.  Learn more here about the Diocese of Ezo.