Joining the Episcopal Church

Episcopal Shield Small-shld3sm.8754840 stdMany in our church have proudly embraced the Episcopal faith their entire lives, and are often part of families that trace their Episcopal heritage for generations. Others come to the Episcopal Church from other denominations. In the most expansive sense you become a member when, as a baptized person, you become part of the worshipping community.

At St. Francis we recognize you as a member of the parish when you regularly attend worship and are known to the treasurer as a contributor of record (ideally making an annual pledge of financial resources). We invite you to transfer your baptismal records to St. Francis so that you can vote at parish meetings. On the occasion of the Bishop's annual visitation, those who have never been confirmed as adults or who, confirmed in another denomination, have never been formally received into the Episcopal Church, are invited to be confirmed or received, and we offer classes in the weeks leading up to the Episcopal visitation to prepare people for this ceremony.

Once we have your confirmation or reception recorded, you are eligible to serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, vestry member, or delegate to the Diocesan Council. The number of registered confirmed adults dictates the number of lay delegates we may send to Diocesan Council.

If you would like to learn more about the Episcopal Church, visit Our Beliefs. We also encourage you to explore the St. Francis website, as you will be able to learn more about our style of worship, commitment to faith, and love for one another. Most importantly, visit our worship services and join in our activities, where you can get a true sense of our vibrant parish life.

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