Youth Ministries

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Youth ministries at St. Francis support and serve the Middle School and High School students of our community. All 7th through 12th grade students – those currently connected to the St. Francis parish and those who are not – are warmly invited to participate in youth activities.

Program offerings include local and regional community service, the Dungannon mission trip, spiritual pilgrimages, high school confirmation class, and participating in worship-related ministries such as acolytes, choir, ushers, and Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs).

St. Francis Youth and Family Ministries seek to guide and inspire youth with love, respect and grace, into discovering deeper relationships with God and the community around them as an integral part of our church family.

• We believe that every youth should be fully supported on their journey toward developing and sustaining their personal relationship with God.
• We believe that every youth benefits from having meaningful and trusting relationships with adults and their peers in our church community.
• We believe in encouraging every youth to be responsible, creative, confident, welcoming to others, and accountable to a community.
• We believe that intergenerational interaction and full integration of all ministries at St. Francis with the Youth and Family Ministries program is vital to our shared life in community.
• We believe that creating a community where youth feel safe, respected, loved, and valued as integral members belonging to our community is essential in guiding, inspiring and enriching the lives of our youth.
• We believe it is important to raise up youth as leaders, as mentors to younger children and as "doers" rather than "receivers," and go beyond practices that are viewed as token efforts toward a community where the needs and gifts of youth and families are integral to our communal life.