Giving at St. Francis

A Place to Share God's Gifts

Who Is a Franciscan? You are a Franciscan if you...

    • Feel that St. Francis is your spiritual home
    • Love to find God at St. Francis worship services
    • Call on the St. Francis clergy and community for help in time of need
    • Have an open heart to developing a relationship with God at St. Francis 
    • Find the glory of God in music at St. Francis
    • Engage in the communion of worship, fellowship, and Christian education at St. Francis
    • Find opportunities within St. Francis to reach out and support those in need
    • Find God in the warmth of individuals and the beauty of the place that together make up our St. Francis community

St. Francis offers many ways to offer our gifts of time and treasure, through volunteering in our ministries, pledging as part of our annual stewardship program, and contributing to the Endowment Fund.