Designated Giving Policy (Donor Restricted Funds)

Approved by St. Francis Vestry on July 8, 2019

Financial contributions to St. Francis Episcopal Church are utilized to accomplish our community's shared goals as determined by our lay and clergy leadership. Our annual stewardship pledges, plate collections and special contributions that are given without use restrictions are necessary for the funding of our core operations and programs, and our long-term financial health.

Financial gifts in excess of $1,000 per year with use restrictions that have not previously been approved by the vestry may not be accepted by a clergy member, the Treasurer or any other representative of St. Francis. Annual stewardship pledges or other gifts made with restrictions for non-approved uses may circumvent the communal plans and will of our church, create divisions among constituencies, reduce pledges necessary to run essential operations for both seen and unforeseen circumstances, or come with stipulations that are difficult or impossible to implement to the satisfaction of the donor. Likewise, gifts of physical items with values in excess of $1,000 that have not been approved by the vestry may not be accepted. The $1,000 limit beyond which vestry approval is needed applies to individual gifts as well as to the aggregate amount of gifts given for a specific item or for a substantially similar purpose. Designated financial or physical gifts to the church with aggregate values up to $1,000 that have not been approved by the vestry may be accepted or refused by the Rector at his or her sole discretion.

All restricted gifts, including those below $1,000, shall be recorded as such in the books and records of the church, and the balances of all restricted gifts shall be reported to the vestry on at least a quarterly basis. Material inflows or outflows shall be specifically noted even if the net balance within any restricted giving account has not changed materially since the prior report to the vestry.

The vestry, in consultation with the Rector, shall maintain a list of desired items available to be funded or otherwise donated if individuals are moved and able to give to St. Francis beyond their normal unrestricted annual pledge amounts. This list shall be reviewed, updated and approved by the vestry, in consultation with the rector, on at least an annual basis. The vestry shall strive to develop and maintain an approved list that contains gifts of varying values and types that will appeal to a broad range of potential donors.

Designated Giving Opportunities
Approved by St. Francis Vestry July 8, 2019

Designated Giving Programs for which funds may be received on an ongoing basis in amounts that may exceed $1,000 in the aggregate:
Altar flowers
Holiday music
Holiday flowers
Clergy discretionary funds
Sudan School/Bishop John
Outreach Committee approved in-kind giving opportunities (with prior knowledge & approval of rector)

One-time Designated Gifts:

Up to $5,000
Sterling silver/Glass Altar Cruet Repair (approx. $1,900)
Vestments – Chasuble/Stole/Alb/Cassock/Surplice (approx. $1,000+) (can be gift of one, some or all items)

$5,000 - $50,000
Altar Table - Repair and refinish (approx. $5,000); Replica Replacement ( approx. $9,000)
Technology – new computers, printers and related hardware and software for clergy and staff (approx. $5,000) (can be a gift of one, some or all items)
Harris Hall Furniture (approx. $5,000)
Sanctuary Sound System (approx. $20,000)
Live Streaming Video System (approx. $10,000)

Over $50,000
Air conditioning system replacement (approx. $100,000) (can be gift of one, some or all items)
Window replacements (approx. $150,000) (can be gift of one, some or all windows)
Mortgage retirement (approx. $277,000 as of July, 2019) (can be gift in any amount up to the entire balance)