The St. Francis Endowment Committee

Established in 1998, the St. Francis Endowment Committee manages the Endowment Fund and assists the congregation with understanding the importance of long-range planning. We also encourage parishioners to remember the church through bequests and special gifts.

The Endowment Committee has a three-fold mission:

    • To support parish programs, properties, and outreach ministries
    • To ensure that bequests and other gifts are used in a manner that is consistent with donor designations and stipulations
    • To preserve and, over the long term, grow the value of the endowment principal

More details on the mission and policies related the Endowment Committee are available here:Endowment Fund Founding Documentsand Endowment Fund Q & A.

The committee's services include providing support to families and individuals as they engage in end-of-life planning and arrangements for charitable giving. Toward that end, the committee recently publishedPlanning for Life, a booklet for parishioners that aids in organizing and preparing information and documents for purposes of estate planning. The booklet, which is also available in print in the church office, reviews such considerations as wills, Advance Medical Directives, Powers of Attorney, and long-term care, etc.

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