Tuition and Fees 

Registration Fee:  $75.00

One-Time Activity Fee:  $100.00 - $250.00

Tuition is paid in nine equal payments:

2 days/week - $350.00/payment

3 days/week - $485.00/payment

4 days/week - $615.00/payment

5 days/week - $775.00/payment

A $75 application fee is required when a child is registered.  This application fee is non-refundable. The first tuition payment is due with your contract.  The second tuition payment and the one-time activity fee are due on September 1. The remaining seven payments are due October through April at the first of the month. 

If the Creche is closed temporarily due to health precautions, weather conditions or any other reason beyond the control of the school, normal tuition fees shall continue to accrue. Our policy is that we do not make up missed days due to health precautions, snow or other weather-related closures or any other reason beyond the control of the school.


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