Episco-Fact #1
June 12, 2016

Episco-facts will be a regular feature here.

Often this place will be taken by liturgical practices, but also may feature notes on music in worship, educational details about Dogma (yes, there is dogma in the Episcopal Church, see Nicene Creed), history, or Episcopal Church events.

This week concerns the Visitation of Bishop Susan Goff, next Sunday, June 19. Bishops by tradition and Canon are to visit their Parishes regularly. In tradition, this was a great event because all Parish Churches are really the Bishops' churches and the Rectors, Vicars, or other priests serve as representatives of the Bishop. In fact, my current letter agreement is an agreement between the Bishop of Virginia, the Vestry of St. Francis, and me.

As part of the Book of Common Prayer's (BCP) instructions on Baptism (page 312), there are five times particularly appropriate for Baptism during the Liturgical Year: the Easter Vigil, the Day of Pentecost, All Saints Day, or the Sunday following, the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord, or when the Bishop comes.

In that tradition, we will be initiating three new members to our congregation. Two are young children and one is an adult. Baptism is a joyous moment, and an especially spiritual way to celebrate the life of our parish with the Bishop.

In the upcoming Franciscan, I will add to my normal Rector's corner by framing my approach to worship and the rituals that we follow.

During the summer I will be answering specific questions about the service and how it is shaped. Those questions are welcome from anyone who has one. I look forward to answering questions not only for individual parishioners, but also for the whole congregation as they occur.

The Rev. David Lucey