Episco-Fact #73
December 21, 2017

What is more fun, writing an Episco-fact or worshipping at St. Francis on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Okay, the above question was really submitted by a hypothetical reader, the best kind of reader to answer. Hypothetical readers always accept my answer. The best part of this question is that the answer is easy. I may have fun and enjoy this column about things liturgical, historical, and theological in the Episcopal Church, but worshipping with the good people of St. Francis is even more fun, joyful, and fulfilling.

As we come to the end of Advent and the beginning of Christmas, I want to extend to all of the people of this church a deeply felt thank you for the joy of ministering to God's people with you. I give thanks in this season for Tracey Kelly, a deeply caring, thoughtful, and spiritual colleague. I also give thanks to Lynn Fallon, for keeping this parish moving forward with the hundreds of details that might appear in any day, for Jane Ruppe-Keihn, Creche School Director, her leadership and care for the teachers and students we look after daily from September to June, for Dominic, our Sexton, without whom our Sunday set-up would be much harder, and for Larry Vote for his direction of the choir and his selection of music that supports our voices, the texts of the week, and the theology of our faith.

I am not be able to fit all the people who should be named into this space. But let me highlight the Executive Committee: Mike Shuler, Senior Warden, who has spent hours and hours making certain Sundays are days of worship, for Bob McKichan, Junior Warden, who has taken up Mike's property mantle and is preparing for our renovations and repairs to the grounds and buildings, Janet Gralley, Treasurer and Bookkeeper, who works tirelessly and these responsibilities and many others, and for Pam Cooper, Register, whose minutes and record keeping help us to remain organized and ready to serve.

When you see any of these Franciscans, thank them.

But mostly, in this season of God coming among us as a child, to experience our lives and to serve God faithful, I want to wish you a blessed Christmas with all joy and happiness, and to ask our Lord Jesus' blessings on your gatherings with family and friends.

In the Peace of this season,