Episco-Fact #94
May 31, 2018

Francisco-fact: Where do I go to find out what is happening at St. Francis Church?

This is a segue into a feature that will show up in this spot, the place where we have been placing Episco-facts for the past eighteen months or so. As we proceed, articles in this space will follow the format of answering a question, but that question will alternate, in no particular order, between broader issues of church politics, worship, the BCP, the calendar, and the like. These topics will come under the heading, Episco-fact. Questions that deal with all of the above topics, and more, on a local issue, will be covered under the heading, Francisco-fact.

 Today's question, which is asked in many forms, is about our internal communications. People often do not know where to find the answer for things like, "Is there a Bible study I can join at St. Francis, How do I, or a loved one, get baptized, or how do I become a member?"

The short answer to this week's question is there are a number of ways to get clued in on the happenings around St. Francis, including information on our sponsored Boy Scout Troop, Pack, and Venturing Crew, and our pre-school, St. Francis Creche.

To start your search, let me recommend using our web-site, www.stfrancisgreatfalls.org. We have information on service times, copies of the calendar, the latest Franciscan (our quarterly newsletter), soon to be posted, recordings of the Rector's sermons, and much more. This summer, the web-site will be getting an overhaul, a freshening up.

Another good source of knowing about things Franciscan is our weekly service Insert. It comes with your Sunday Orders of Service. Inside that document are announcements, calendars, and even stories about life at St. Francis. It is a good resource and encourage you to take it home and keep it until you pick-up one at next Sunday's service.

On a quarterly basis, St. Francis has been publishing a more expansive offering, named like its forebears, The Franciscan has short articles, around 250 words, from all areas of the congregation, it is thematic, focusing on information of the season, and it too contains calendars, service schedules, ministry schedules, and more.

We also have a Facebook Page that you can friend. Just search for St. Francis, Great Falls, VA on whichever search engine you use, and friend us. There are pictures, comments, and occasional shares of information about the Parish, the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion, and random photos from Fellowship Events, Theology, and shout outs to our Fellow Franciscans.

If none of the above gives you what you need, or if you are tech-phobic, the phone is still a real option at St. Francis. Our phone number is (703)759-2082. Lynn Fallon, Parish Administrator, Tracey Kelly, Associate Rector, and David Lucey, the Rector, will happily answer, or find out the answers to your most urgent questions, or your not-so-urgent ones, as well.