Episco-Fact #126
January 31, 2019

Francisco-Fact: How did we do on our Stewardship Campaign and who should we thank?

This year we had some bold Leadership in our annual fundraising drive: Tom Wood and Jack Shafran. They were tasked by the Vestry with a challenging goal, raise our pledging to a level where we can fund our ministries appropriately. That challenge worked out to be a twenty percent increase to $596,000. That is some ask, both for congregation and our Stewardship Co-chairs, Tom and Jack.

As of the date of the Annual Meeting, January 27, 2018, we were at 99% of the goal 0f $596,000. That is an amazing response from an amazing congregation. Meeting that kind of challenge certainly allows us to applaud ourselves. We accomplished this together.

We also need to acknowledge the amazing leadership of Tom Wood and Jack Wood. This blogger does not know if he would have said yes to the request: "Will you chair the Stewardship drive this year? You will! Thank you. By the way, we are looking to raise 20% more than we raised last year." Tom and Jack said "yes!" to all of this. And they performed outstandingly. They understood our issues, worked with our staff, the vestry, and with you, the Congregation.

Underlying their leadership was the sense that St. Francis has the kind of people who have generous hearts, a desire to know God better, and a commitment to meet goals. In short, they knew that they were worshipping in a congregation of faithful people. There work was more than faithful, it was aspirational.

In addition to Tom and Jack, Molly Reynolds, Treasurer, and Mary Cyrus, Bookkeeper supported out efforts from the recordkeeping and analysis side. As we moved through the initial phases to the phase right before the annual meeting they diligently communicated with Tom and Jack, letting them know where we needed to perspire and inspire. As a team, they were really wonderful.

Two more thoughts on our coming year. First, the Vestry is committed to using this Stewardship Campaign and the stability it provides to spend time on our program of Invite*Welcome*Connect, a ministry of growth and renewal. Growth is the way forward and in order to grow we need to tend to our ministries like the work we do with our own Youth, the Scouts, Creche School, as well as support we provide to Samaritan Ministry, Great Falls Senior Center, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

Second, we always need to acknowledge the gifts we are given by God: time, talent, and Treasures, and this year those Treasures include the leadership and care of Tom Wood and Jack Shafran.