Francisco-Fact #128
February 14, 2019

 I called the church this past week and was told, "standby for the next available agent," then the rector picked up. Is he an agent now?


1.  It might be an arguable point that the Rector and Assistant Rector are acting as agents, a legal term, on behalf of God. And, since many parts of the Old and New Testaments portray our interaction with God as king much like petitioners to the court, then the label could be apt.

 The real answer is that after some twenty years the old phone system was no longer keeping up and we switched to a Twenty-first Century computer-based system. It has many great features and will allow us greater flexibility to be out and about and responsive to incoming calls. One wonderful feature will be the ability to transfer calls between the church and The Creche School, something we have never been able to do before.

 But, as with many new technologies, we are learning those features a bit at a time. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be updating our answers and the ability for you, the caller, to get to your intended recipient quickly.

 Please, bear with us a bit and we will soon have the phone answering on behalf of us all by name, Lynn Fallon, Tracey Kelly, Jane Keihn, and David Lucey.


2.  Another technological upgrade coming down the pike is a new office computer. Lynn Fallon has been using a computer that is a decade old. In computer terms that is like, Methuselah old (the oldest human in the Bible, he lived to be 969 years old and was the grandfather of Noah, Gen. 5.27). It was creaky and the little colored spinning wheel which indicates buffering was getting worn-out, and newer programs were not able to function. Right now, Lynn is running the old and new computers side-by-side so that we can get used to the new aspects of technology before we cut the cord from the old system.


3.  Another technology that you will see around here, more and more, is Sign-Up Genius, which is a program for getting folks slotted for pot-luck, auction items, and more. It is a wonderful bit of software that cuts down on emails and phone calls. One application for Sign-up Genius that you will see soon is its use for signing up to Officiate at Lenten Morning Prayers services. The services will be at 8:00 am, Monday through Friday, beginning on Thursday, March 7 and continuing until Friday, April 19. More on that and Sign-Up Genius to come.


The office is joining the new Millennium. Next-up, Website update. Check back later this Spring for more information on that change.