Episco-Fact #137
April 25, 2019

Francisco-fact: How is the parish organized and what are liaisons?

As part of the Episcopal Church, St. Francis is organized along the lines outlined in the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church, which are amended from time to time, and according to the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Virginia. We also operate under a section of the Commonwealth of Virginia's voluntary association law.

Therefore, we have a Rector/Priest-in-Charge/Vicar, an ordained priest who has authority over Worship and responsibility for the spiritual life of the Church. Along with the Ecclesiastical authority the Vestry is in charge of the management of the church business and real property (i.e. money, property, valuables).

The Rector is the chair of the Vestry and is assisted in by Sr. Warden (traditionally the Rector's Warden); Jr. Warden (traditionally the People's Warden and responsible for land and buildings); Treasurer (responsible for the money); and the Register (the record keeper). Our officers are: Bob MacKichan, Sr. Warden; Denny Sisson, Jr. Warden; Molly Reynolds, Treasurer; and Dwight Chewning, Register.

Beyond this Canonically and legally required structure, St. Francis operates with Vestry Liaisons, vestry members who connect with various parts of our Parish ministries. Liaisons are the doers. Rather, they are to be communicators, coordinators, and facilitators of the ministries with which they create liaisons. The Liaison positions and the Vestry persons who inhabit them follow. Below.

Parish Operations, Bill Rachal. Works with Lynn Fallon, Parish Administrator, and is concerned with Outside Users of the Space, and many of the inside users of the Space. Key groups are Scouting BSA, Creche, AA, St. Francis Staff, and Invite*Welcome*Connect. Worship and Spiritual Care, Kris Young. As liaison, Kris will be meeting and coordinating communication between the Clergy and such ministries as Children's Chapel, Contemplative Care, Hands on Spirituality, Morning Prayer, Altar Guild, LEMS, Eucharistic Visitors, Acolytes, Music, Greeters, and Ushers. Discipleship and Christian Formation, Karen Shindhelm. This area is focused on how to make disciples. Key persons and groups are the Clergy, Lynn Fallon, Head of Sunday School, High School Confirmation, Elementary Aged Sunday School, Middle School Sunday School, Adult FORUMS, Adult Education, Lenten Potluck Suppers, Adult Confirmation, Bible Study Groups, Women's Retreat and more. Christian Fellowship, Rob Kerns. This is about how we get together to share: Fall Fest, Winter Gala, Chili Cook-off, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Tables for Ten, Book Club, Easter Brunch, Advent/Lent Concert Receptions, Coffee, Hour, and more. Evangelism and Outreach, Betty Boutros. Best described by the areas outlined: Youth Group Service Projects, Outreach Committee, Tutoring in Anacostia. Assistant Treasurer, Jeff Wootton. Added support for our financial work.

This answer is only a start. There is more to come.