Episco-Fact #138
May 2, 2019

Francisco-fact: How can I serve at St. Francis?

The broader question of serving at St. Francis is really about whether you would like to serve inside the church, outside the church, or both. Answering that question is about vocation, the processing of hearing God's voice.

How will one know if it is God who is calling you? A wonderful twentieth century practical theologian named Frederick Buechner had a delightful and wry take on this: "The kind of work God usually calls you to is the kind of work (a) that you need most to do and (b) that the world most needs to have done." So, as the Rev. Buechner would opine, if you are writing cigarette advertisements, you probably missed part "b."

As someone who has been in the place of realizing career does not necessarily mean vocation, the writer's first career in Finance was an obvious testament to having missed part "a." But one does not need to be ordained to serve God. It is part of Christian community to help its members find their call, whether in a paying job or in non-paid work that serves one's neighbors.

At St. Francis we pray and work at supporting people in this process of seeking and discerning. In fact, this weekend at the FORUMs, there will be a presentation and a chance to participate in one of the ways St. Francis serves its neighbors: through the work we do at Second Story, a Dunn Loring based 501-c3, serving young women (13-17) and soon-to-be young mothers (15-20).

Founded in 1972 in order to deal with the issues confronting teens and young adults whose domestic environment is characterized by exposure to domestic abuse, including physical violence, verbal abuse, and extreme psychological confrontation. Often, though not always, teens who have been exposed to these environments get caught in a cycle of repeating the behaviors themselves. Second Story works to support these young women in breaking the cycle. The same concern is there for young mothers as well. They need safety for themselves and for the child they carry. Second Story provides shelter, safety, and support for their residents.

This Sunday, a group of our parishioners who have crafted aprons, will be on hand to sell the aprons to parishioners, and anyone else who would like one. At $20 an apron they are a wonderful value, and those same parishioners will donate the proceeds to Second Story. They will also be doing a presentation about Second Story and our Involvement with it.

Come. Find out what the apron money is supporting. Find out how to support St. Francis's efforts to serve Second Story. Find out how to do more for Second Story and its residents.