Episco-Fact #142
May 30, 2019

Francisco-fact: Are there ways to deepen my spiritual life at St. Francis?

First, let me acknowledge that developing a spiritual life has many aspects—prayer, meditation, Bible study and reading, and acts of ministry. This post is about the first part of this list. Getting involved in acts of ministry will be addressed in a different post.

In work done by churches, church consultants, and academics, the actions of a Vital Church are consistent with the actions of Vital Christians. This what they found.

  1.       Vital Christians get moving—They understand that the spiritual life is a life-long journey and they get moving on that journey.
  2.       Vital Christians embed the Bible in everything they do.
  3.       Vital Christians believe they are part of God's plan and own their own participation in it.
  4.       Vital Christians seek out the needs of the community in which they live and minster to them.

There are some obvious responses to the above. If the spiritual life is a journey, Christians need to avail themselves of the wisdom of the spiritual elders by engaging in prayer, meditation, and reflection daily. If the Bible, which is the Christian response to God's reaching out, then reading it and knowing it is vitally important. Getting involved at Church in worship, formation, and ministry are all ways to own our faith. And, we have ministries at St. Francis that are seeking the needs of community and trying to address them.

More specifically, with regard to the sections on Spiritual Journeying, here are some ways to be involved at St. Francis:

  1.       Thursday Afternoon Bible Study at 2:00 PM at St. Francis. Franciscans who are lay led exploring the Bible by Book.
  2.       Tuesday Evening Bible Study, every other week at 7:30 PM at St. Francis, led by Tracey Kelly. Sometimes topical sometimes by the Book of the Bible.
  3.       Wednesday Men's Group at 7:30 am (with Breakfast and Coffee). Group led, lay convened, and both topical and Biblical based on book readings or Bible Readings.
  4.       Centering Prayer on Monday's at 7:30 PM in the downstairs conference room. Lay led and practical, meaning the group talks about and then practices centering prayer and meditation.

Coming: Fall 2019—Reading the Bible in 365 Days and Reading the Bible: A Basic Course in What the Bible Is and How to Read It. These will be convened by the Rector and will be open not only to church members but also to the general public. More information to come.

Each of the venues above is endorsed as ways to engage the spiritual life for individuals of the church and to do so in community with fellow journeyers.