Francisco-Fact #150
July 25, 2019

What do the priests, the music director, and the parish administrator do before the service starts and is this a good time to bring up something I need to have announced or done?

The process of preparing for worship is idiosyncratic. Here are some things that the priests, the music director, and the parish administrator do before church: pray, review liturgical details, instruct lay ministers on special duties, coordinate with the Altar Guild, find replacements for lay ministers, and more. The focus tends to be on the details of the upcoming service because each of the persons who inhabit these offices wants to be present to the Holy Spirt and the gathered congregation.

This does not mean that they do want to be present to an individual's needs in that moment. No. But it is helpful that only emergencies get addressed on a Sunday morning. What is an emergency? A death within the congregation or a close family member, a hospitalization, broken pipes, broken HVAC, and things like these are urgent and should be relayed to one of the above persons when on Sunday morning.

But it is also helpful to get the information to the proper person. A Pastoral crisis should be made known to the Rector or Assistant. A lay minister's absence should be brought to their attentions as well. Building issues that truly require immediate attention: gushing water, electrical malfunction, a fire, and the like should be reported to a Vestry Member, the Junior Warden, or the Parish Administrator.

Other items: typos, burned out light bulbs, missing candles, and other helpful observations are best saved to be communicated by a phone call or email later in the day or on Monday.

Worship is at the heart of our community. All our ministers want to be in that moment. Contacting these folks before Sunday to prepare and plan is really helpful to supporting them in their roles as worship leaders.