Francisco-Fact #157
September 26, 2019

How long should a church service take?

Church service length has never been prescribed. In the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Traditions services routinely take an hour and a half. In the ancient days of the 1960's some Methodist Churches routinely took that long too, especially with the forty-five minute service.


In 2019, post-Internet, post-Smart Phone, post-Twitter, length of service may be a factor for Millennials and Gen Zers and church attendance. And, not for them alone. Many Boomers and Gen Xers think that an hour is a good standard too.

During this writer's time at St. Francis we have fluctuated from around an 1:05 to 1:20. Both Tracey and the writer have been keeping an eye on the clock, judging this standard.

After reflections and conversations with the staff, we are committed to a standard church service of 1:05. Over the next few weeks you will notice how our commitment to this timing will affect the length of service—length of sermons, hymns, announcements, and silences. It was found in the researching that no one part of the service alone impacted the length.

If you see changes within the service, know that the clergy are trying to find the proper balance between service time and the fulsomeness of the services' content.