Episco-Fact #171
January 16, 2020


FRANCISCO-FACT: Are there areas outside of the weekly worship that I can help with?

There are many places where members of the church can help the staff, the lay ministers, and the Vestry in leading in ways of service. Some of those areas include leading a Bible Study, becoming part of the Prayer Circle and spending time in prayer every day for the needs and gifts of the church, joining in the ministries of sandwich making or the Outreach Committee, assisting the church with communications, and helping us in our administration.

This last clause sounds boring, but even churches have to keep records, purchase supplies, and keep track of our money. We have a special group of folks who diligently help us with this process and without whom we would be confused—the Counters. Yes, they are an arcane group, but volunteers come into the church every Monday or Tuesday morning to count the contributions to St. Francis, the deposits, and take the money to the bank. Their works keeps our operations going and funded. They are really good at this task and the church is grateful for this contribution of time and paying attention.

Because this is a during the day task, the persons who are called to this are probably retired, working from home, or otherwise flexible around their hours. The Counters are wonderful people and a real subculture in our work. If you are interested, please let Molly Reynolds or Carolyn Brown know.