Episco-Fact #174
February 6, 2020

What is the Episcopal Church's approach to healing prayer?

The Episcopal Church and St. Francis are in sync on this issue. We believe in the efficacy of praying for healing. We understand that healing may not mean a cure for someone who is ailing. There is an inscrutability to God's healing. Jesus was known for his healings, but he did not heal everyone. Even with those cautions, the church is called to embrace healing as central to its common life.

Some of the ways the Episcopal Church witnesses to the ministry of healing are in liturgies in the BCP and the Book of Occasional Services. In the BCP is "Ministration to the Sick" beginning on page 453, with a service for healing and with prayers for the sick, their loved ones, and healing professionals.

During Lent, we will affirm our commitment to this ministry. After each service on Sunday morning, a priest will be in the front of the church with a small service of Laying on of Hands and Healing Prayers immediately following both services.

Join us in this ancient Christian ministry by praying for your own needs or for the needs of family, friends, and neighbors beginning Sunday, March 1.