Episco-Fact #176
February 20, 2020

FRANCISCO-FACT: Who is in charge of the prayers of the people and decides on the intercessions?

By design, the Prayers of the People in the Eucharist are the People's responsibility. During the tenure of the current Rector, the prayers in the Order of Service (I.e. the paper guide one is handed when they come into the sanctuary and which are referred to as bulletins by many) do not refer to a page number in the BCP. The reason for that is the prayers, even those printed in the BCP from page 383 to page 393, are forms or models. The desire of the authors and editors for the BCP,1979 was for the People, that means the laity, to write their own prayers and offer their own intercessions.

In accordance with that purpose and in order to move toward making the Prayers of the People truly the prayers of the people in the pews, no intercessions are going to be offered by the Reader during Lent, unless directed by the form. That means, that the readers will be directed to pause for the People, you and me, to offer up intercessions for those who are ill, for those who have died, for nations and people in need of prayer, and for thanksgivings for which the congregation needs to let God know of their appreciation. So, be prepared with the names and needs of those for whom St. Francis needs to pray.